Our selection policy

An analysis

An analysis of the candidate's application file (CV and cover letter) as well as their suitability to the desired tasks and profile.

A first interview

A telephone interview aimed at confirming the candidate's qualifications and experience as well as their interest and motivation.

A second interview

A second face-to-face interview with pre-selected candidates aimed at confirming their know-how, suitability for the job offered by the family and to go over the details of the tasks to be assigned as well as the agreed financial conditions.

Final candidates

Your Coccinelle contact will meet with the finalist candidates to make sure they correspond to the family's expectations in terms of personal skills, personality and behaviour.


We contact the former employers of candidates hired to verify their experience, seriousness and professionalism. We also check their criminal record and residence and work permits in the case of non-Spanish candidates.


You've got experience and a desire to work in Domestic Staff...